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Wangaratta Jazz Festival 2004


Painters Island Caravan Park


Grand Central Hotel - Johnny on tap destroyed us all.


Saturday morning - a wine tour to start the day!


Brown Brothers Winery


We spent the arvo in the main street - 8 bottles of the finest!


And Adam was paying the price for skulling red wine


The team worked together to muster a BBQ


But adam wanted more than a BBQ


Although the capsicum hit the spot


We all thought that that hat was dirty and needed a wash, noddy agreed.


Sunday was more of the same, VB, wine and Johnny


AND EGGS!!! What's a drinking session with out a raw egg challenge


After numerous drinks at camp we struggled through a $7 litro of the worst wine at LaPortcheta


But the night ended at the Grand Central and was GOLD with Wizard and Oz


What a j-up


Thanks to our sponsors for the weekend:

VB - As always the were brewed to perfection

King Valley Police - Didn't see any so I thank them cos andrew was gorn' while driving

Cleaning staff at the caravan park - Both Noddy and Andrew gave the porcelain a real "work out"